MercuryMessages.cpp File Reference

#include "global.h"
#include "MercuryMessages.h"
#include "MercuryThreads.h"
#include "MercuryUtil.h"
#include "MercuryLog.h"

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void * AutoUpdateMessages (void *data)
 Function that the MESSAGEMAN thread runs.
void HGEXPORT BroadcastPreExisting (const char *sMessageName, int iMPStack)


MercuryMessageManagerMESSAGEMAN = NULL
 Instantiation of MessageManager.
volatile float DTIME

Function Documentation

void* AutoUpdateMessages ( void *  data  ) 

Function that the MESSAGEMAN thread runs.

Definition at line 13 of file MercuryMessages.cpp.

void HGEXPORT BroadcastPreExisting ( const char *  sMessageName,
int  iMPStack 

Definition at line 179 of file MercuryMessages.cpp.

Variable Documentation

volatile float DTIME

Definition at line 34 of file Mercury.cpp.

MercuryMessageManager* MESSAGEMAN = NULL

Instantiation of MessageManager.

Definition at line 9 of file MercuryMessages.cpp.

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