MercuryInput.cpp File Reference

#include "MercuryInput.h"
#include "MercuryINI.h"
#include "MercuryUtil.h"
#include "MercuryMessages.h"
#include "MercuryDisplay.h"

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#define RegisterInputDevice(y)   bool c = AutoInputDeviceTracker.AddDevice( #y, new y );


char KeyToChar (char cHardwareChar, bool bShiftPressed)


MercuryInputManagerINPUTMAN = NULL
InputDeviceTracker AutoInputDeviceTracker
InputMappingTracker AutoInputMappingTracker
bool NullResponce = AutoInputDeviceTracker.AddDevice( "Null", new DeviceNull )

Define Documentation

#define RegisterInputDevice (  )     bool c = AutoInputDeviceTracker.AddDevice( #y, new y );

Definition at line 40 of file MercuryInput.cpp.

Function Documentation

char KeyToChar ( char  cHardwareChar,
bool  bShiftPressed 

Definition at line 283 of file MercuryInput.cpp.

Variable Documentation

InputDeviceTracker AutoInputDeviceTracker

Definition at line 8 of file MercuryInput.cpp.

InputMappingTracker AutoInputMappingTracker

Definition at line 9 of file MercuryInput.cpp.

MercuryInputManager* INPUTMAN = NULL

Definition at line 7 of file MercuryInput.cpp.

bool NullResponce = AutoInputDeviceTracker.AddDevice( "Null", new DeviceNull )

Definition at line 12 of file MercuryInput.cpp.

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